• When is the Best Time for a Company to File a Shelf Prospectus?

    “A company planning to file a shelf prospectus should consider doing so shortly after filing it’s Annual Information Form and accompanying audited financial statements and related MD&A.” After reading our February 28th post about the advantages of shelf prospectuses, a number of our clients have asked if there is a…

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  • With a shelf prospectus you are ready to act when the market is favourable: Why every Junior mining and oil & gas company should file a shelf prospectus.

    Shelf Prospectus – Seven business days from deal announcement to cash in the bank. On February 13, 2018, our client eCobalt Solutions Inc. announced a $26 million bought deal financing, with a 15% over-allotment option. The financing closed on February 23, with the over-allotment option being exercised by the underwriters…

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  • Born on Route 66

    Pilot Law LLP is very pleased to welcome Marty Fisher-Haydis as a principal in the firm.  Marty joins us from Resolute Forest Products in Montreal, where he navigated cross-border securities and other legal issues. Marty is a native of Southwestern Arizona, along the Colorado River in the Sonora Desert.  Marty…

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  • Our Man in Montevideo

    Pilot Law LLP is very pleased to announce that Daniel Batista has joined us as a principal. Although Dan is primarily known as one of Canada’s most talented and hard-edged M&A lawyers, his background reveals a softer, gentler side, including having clerked for Madame Justice Louise Arbour at the Supreme Court…

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  • The most interesting man in the world?

    Pilot Law LLP is very pleased to announce that Les Manley has joined the firm as a colleague. Les is a native of Corumbá, Brazil. His practice focuses primarily on commercial litigation strategies and dispute avoidance and resolution with a particular emphasis on the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. Les…

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  • Pilot Law is taking off

    Welcome to Pilot Law LLP.   We provide legal services to developing resource businesses in the mining, energy and renewables sectors.  We operate  in numerous languages and advise on projects located not only in Canada, but around the world. We offer first class service at reasonable prices in a focused, personal…

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