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Our Man in Montevideo

Daniel Batista, principal at Pilot Law LLP

Pilot Law LLP is very pleased to announce that Daniel Batista has joined us as a principal.

Although Dan is primarily known as one of Canada’s most talented and hard-edged M&A lawyers, his background reveals a softer, gentler side, including having clerked for Madame Justice Louise Arbour at the Supreme Court of Canada, during the period in which she authored her famous dissenting opinion arguing for welfare rights.   Dan’s full biography can be found here.

Prior to take-off with Pilot Law LLP, Dan’s flight path included the intense study of philosophy and logic and frequent flights to Uruguay and Portugal to visit family abroad.  Happily, Dan’s daughter and other family here in Canada manage to keep him grounded and prevent flights of fancy when professional success might otherwise tempt him to fly too close to the sun.


Chuck Higgins
Managing Principal

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